Medical treatment

Availability of curative water supplies under the territory of Desna Sanatorium determined its specialization – features of our water are analogous to types of ‘Yessentuki-16’ and ‘Staraya Russa’. 
Continuous medical practice proves effectiveness of these waters at treatment of following –

  • gastrointestinal tract – long term gastritis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, pancreatitis
  • endocrine system
  • respiratory organs - non-tubercular cause of disease
  • urological diseases

For an acquaintance: the results of researches of mineral waters of sanatorium "Desna" (ZIP, ~11Kb).

The mineral are used in treatment of patients, coniferous, coniferous-salt, pearl, whitewash turpentinic,  marine and sulphuretted hydrogen baths, hydromassage, submarine shower-massage, the cabinets of irrigations of gastroenteric highway and gidropatii function. Treatment is conducted also an ozocerite, by dirt of estuary of Kuyal’nik, bischofite, decoctions of medicinal herbares, lazero- and  magnito teratiya, instrument room physiotherapy.


There is all necessary up-to-date diagnostic and medical equipment in Desna Sanatorium.
For diagnosis and treatment evaluation purposes they hold clinical and biochemical tests; run endogastroscopy, ultrasonic, proctoscopy, electrocardiography rooms; dentist and gynecologist are also available. 

Treatment fees are included into the Sanatorium accommodation cost.

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