Summer child's сamp

Sanatorium "Desna" takes children to summer camp, where children will be accommodated in two local rooms with partial or with all conveniences.

High-calorie fivefold meals with a varied menu complements the resting and wellness and healing process.

It offers children a physiotherapy room, equipped with special equipment and sports equipment, a sports ground with various gymnastic equipment, a football field, a volleyball court, a sauna with a swimming pool, a concert hall, a library, a games room, a billiards room, a disco, a shop. The beach of the sanatorium on the Desna River operates under the supervision of instructors from swimming.

Discos are held daily, watching new feature films themselves, a variety of quizzes, contests and competitions are held, for those who want to go on excursions to historical places of ancient Chernigov, Baturin and others, concerts of theaters of Chernihiv and the region are held every time. The administrator can get in the use of chess, checkers, backgammon. There is a rental of sports bikes, rollers, scooters, ATVs and the like.

Every day, interesting contests are held for children, quizzes on various topics, various sports competitions and relay races are organized, a parent's day is held, Ivan Kupala's holy and other celebrations. Works dancing circle and circle "Skillful hands."

The cost of one day stay in the camp - 280 UAH.

The total cost of the children's voucher for 21 days is 5880 UAH.

When you purchase a voucher for a period of 21 days in the rooms with all the amenities 15% discount

When purchasing a voucher for a period of 21 days in rooms with improved planning a 15% discount

Reservations and more detailed information for tel. (067) 70-700-70

We wish you effective recovery and a pleasant stay!

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