Health Resort Desna - magnificent rest

In a reserved nook, on Desna River bank, about 90 km from Kiev city, amidst pine forest, beside numerous valleys and lakes - Desna Sanatorium cordially awaits you! Fresh air, quiet waters of Desna River with its pure water and sand beaches, fragrance of meadow flowers and grass, curative mineral springs – all of this contributes to superb treatment and a rest. 

Accommodation – double and triple facilitated rooms, semi-lux and deluxe suites.

Facilities – specialized and sports equipment gym, library, cinema, dance-floor, billiard and bar, mini-mart, sports ground, play room for kids, video room, computer room, and a sauna. There is skates and ski rental in winter, and in summertime they operate a sand beach on Desna river bank under supervision of safe-guards. Nature lovers can enjoy fishing, berry-gathering, and nut hunting; as well as bicycle trips. History lovers can visit historical places of the ancient city of Chernigiv. Local theater troupes perform at time of every visit. Everyday activities include contests, games and competitions. 

    прогулянка на квадроциклах

Treatment process involves – mineral baths, pine baths, pearl baths, white turpentine baths, seawater and hydrosulfide baths, hydro-massage, Jacuzzi, rooms for irrigation of gastrointestinal tract and hydropathy. Also you can avail of ozokerite, bischofite, Kuyalnik estuary mud treatment; curative herbal decoction; laser and magnet therapy; physiotherapy equipment. 

Desna Sanatorium is equipped with up-to-date diagnostic and medical tools. For diagnosis and treatment evaluation purposes they hold clinical and biochemical tests; run endogastroscopy, ultrasonic, proctoscopy, electrocardiography rooms; dentist and gynecologist are also available. 

Wish you to have a successful treatment and a complete rest!

Come visit us!

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